Subject Other Topic Property management plan Level : Bachelor

Subject Other Topic Property management plan

Level : Bachelor

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We have been discussing what a Property Management Plan is and how important it is to the property and the

manager. Below are several websites that can assist you with writing your own Property Management Plan as

a Property Manager, not the owner, taking over a property.

You may use these sites or any site or template you choose to assist you in writing this plan.

– Write a plan for the property of your choice beginning with the type of property, the number of units, and if it is

a commercial or residential property.

– Evaluate the property for repairs, low rental numbers, and location of the property.

– Include your finances (is there a mortgage on the property?), advertising, laws that will assist you in renting

the property, maintenance, staffing, insurance and licenses needed for your state to perform the job of renting

and leasing property.

– Also, include any facet of a plan that you think is important for the success of the property.

Keep your plan to no more than 5 pages. Use your textbook, there is a lot of information that you can use to

write this plan.

Below is a site you can reference for the plan.

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