General Provisions

7. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality of services and products to you. For this to occur, we deem it imperative to ensure that simple and appropriate procedure of identification, manner of communication, and choice possibilities are in place.

8. We get restricted data about you when you use our website. The aim of collecting information is to improve the client's user experience.

9. By agreeing to this policy, you give your explicit consent that the sole aim of collecting details about your visit to this website is specified in the sufficient amount and that it is legitimate and explicit. You give consent that your details are correct, relevant, adequate, updated, full and sufficient as far as the aim is concerned.

10. The collected information under this Privacy and Cookies Policy is considered as obtained in a legal and fair way. We do not knowledgeably obtain your data without your preliminary straightforward agreement.

11. You mainly submit your details by yourself. However, we also have the right to get your information independently upon your agreement.

12. You may submit the information once you:

a. fill out any questionnaires or forms;
b. determine your personality;
c. communicate with us by any possible means.

13. Simultaneously, we may retrieve information by means of:

a. observing your actions on our website;
b. overseeing any transactions you make on our website;
c. making use of cookies and/or other analogous technologies.

14. We never retrieve any details regarding or exposing your:

a. ethnic or racial origin,
b. opinions of politics,
c. philosophical, religious or any other analogous beliefs,
d. membership in trade union,
e. condition of your mental or physical health,
f. criminal convictions,
g. sex life.

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